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Search Engine

Get ready to leverage your business with our search engine optimisation services, as, the long-term impact of SEO services takes you to the next level and benefits your business enormously.

Working for hundreds of clients as SEO specialists, we make a substantial difference in multiple industry sectors by providing a complete package to boost your business in the digital world. Our search engine optimisation agency follows the right approach to lead your online internet. Our various services include:

  • - Keyword research
  • - Competitor analysis
  • - Site auditing
  • - Content creation
  • - Link building
  • - Local SEO
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Research & Planning –

Leading-edge keyword research planning tools assist us in identifying the relevant keywords with their true intent for your business.

Audit & Optimisation

Auditing your website to recognise the gaps by ensuring that the technical SEO strategy and on-page activities are taken care of by the experts


Creating a solid brand image through link-building activities to influence your target audience

Reporting & Analysis

Outline your monthly progress to boost organic traffic by prioritising on-page and off-page campaigns for your business model

Get your website to the top – with SEO!

Accumulating our work period, Craxus substantially ranks your business on SERP results so potential customers can reach out to you for your products and services. That’s the power of SEOs to build your strong presence in the online market.

Being one of the largest search engine optimisation agency, we have office a in Surat, Gujarat, India that have acquired the bottom line for different industry sectors.

Be ahead in the game with SEO!

When you rank organically through SEO on Google, you will likely make a considerable shift in your business as you will have 24/7 visibility that promotes your brand, which will help increase sales. In addition, you will get a high Return on Investments that significantly cuts costs while giving you better results.

SEO is not something that gives you results instantly like other marketing strategies. Engaging your clients and creating a positive image with various activities takes substantial time. It needs multiple teams’ efforts to build backlinks, create content, develop, analyse competition, and audit the site. At the same time, it ascertains that your business has a long-term benefit with the proper marketing statics.

Backlinks are the way to guide your targeted audience to your website to benefit them with your product and services. Over time, we create a link juice that improves the value and authenticity of your business to get recognised in the internet market, enhancing your business sales.

Content is as important as other activities associated with SEO, such as keyword research, backlinking, and technical SEO. However, the best part is that if your website has unique and attractive content, you will enjoy the other benefits of SEO as much as you want and stay ahead of the competitors.

Local SEO is the best way to seek people’s attention in nearby areas with more potential as customers reach you easily. Because they find it convenient, and if you rank on the internet, that builds trust and reliability in your services. They can visit you in person and ensure they deal with the right people to fulfil their needs.

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